Food Sprout is a platform for making the food chain transparent.

We are global community powered by consumers, restaurants, farmers, food suppliers and distributors who believe that the food chain needs to be more transparent for a sustainable future. The Food Sprout community works together with technology so that:

  • People can, track, share and receive information about their food at popular restaurants.
  • Restaurants can share insights and gain information about suppliers and local food distributors.
  • Farmers, butchers and other food suppliers worldwide can work with local restaurants, create profiles and share information about their farming and distribution practices.

Food Sprout collects, aggregates and analyzes information on the complete food chain. Food Sprout makes it easy for consumers to find quality food, with the ability to trace each step from farm-to-plate. Food Sprout helps restaurants and food suppliers work together to promote an organic and sustainable food chain.


Our mission is simple: To map the world's food supply chain.